Berkeley Game Jam Update

I'm intervening in Joraaver's triple post series to bring you a small update! This past weekend I went to a game jam hosted at Berkeley, and it was a blast. A friend of mine came to help, as well as my little brother.

The result is a game called "The Assimilator"; it is a puzzle game that deals with mixing colors. You can play it here: The Assimilator

For those readers who are colorblind, I understand that the game may not be very playable. I have a colorblind friend who I'll have playtest the game, and hopefully I have time to adjust the game to make it enjoyable by all.

That's about it. As you were! Or not, if you are playing my game :)

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What is it with all these Game Jams?

     Hoo boy. A little bit more than a month without a post. Well, having an internship has caught up with us, but never fear. We keep the gamedev gears churning during the downtime, and we feel that this topic needed covering since there has been a burst in the number and popularity of game jams. Note that I, Joraaver, speak from my experiences, but if you feel otherwise or have more to add, go ahead and comment.

Without further ado, let's dive right in.

What is a game jam?

     Well, I see three distinguishing characteristics in a game jam.

  1. It is a contest concerning the development of a game, often with prizes for winners.
  2. The time span is relatively short: most game jamsare a weekend up to a week long. However, there are some that last for a month (One Game a Month is a great example, which you should start following at @OneGameAMonth) or even a year. The main idea, though, is that game jams are short.
  3. It is often theme based, either arbitrarily chosen or based on the time the jam starts.


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jMonkeyEngine Game Contest!

Hey guys. It's Joraaver here, coming to you with slightly contradictory news in regards to Suchaaver's last post.

jME is holding it's own game contest!

And even though I have a physics midterm this Thursday, I will be dedicating every ounce of time that I am not either studying, eating, sleeping, or working out, to game development. That said, this contest goes from today, May 19, to May 27, so it's more than one whole week! Therefore, if push comes to shove, I may remap the words "Memorial Day Weekend" to "Game Development jME Style Weekend" to crank out a game.

I'll be posting updates alongside Suchaaver on our twitter, @Elrel_Studios, so be sure to follow us so you can follow along!

Till the next update!

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Getting Back in the Swing

I'm going to keep this pretty short.

For those who aren't aware, the Public Domain Game Jam has begun! I'm participating, and you should too! And when I say "I," I mean that I am doing the programming and the art. Why, you ask? Well, I'm done with finals, but Joraaver has midterms next week. Hence, I'll be hacking some code!

I'm planning to make the game in three.js so I can get some 3D experience (in WebGL here), hopefully for our next full-fledged game.

To keep you guys up to date with progress, we are now on Twitter! Follow @Elrel_Studios to stay on top of the latest development news (look for #PDJAM). I'd also love to follow you guys back, if at least to keep up with your gamedev updates as well

Well, I'm not going to hold your attention any longer. It's Friday afternoon/night. Carry on  ;)

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Release of Heroin Hero v2!

     Hey guys! Joraaver here, with a small but important post. I know you haven't heard from me in a while, but that's because I've been trying to package a new (not Elrel LLC related) game for release!

Heroin Hero v2

Play it now at

Middle of game

What a lovably fun game!

     This game is actually the product of my time with two friends at LA Hacks two weekends ago. It's a play on South Park's "Heroin Hero", with the object of the game being to catch the dragon and stay as high as possible while doing so, which means collecting the most drugs, let it be marijuana, beer, or heroin. Of course, dodge the water and your blasted roommate--they sober you up. Pause

Pause screen

     At the end, you can see how well you did compared to the rest of the world through the global leaderboard! Finally, you are posed with a moral question: will you play this dangerous game again?


What will you do?

Play it now at

Small Note

     Now, this game is no way

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Thinking about Character Design

     I'm currently taking a Digital Animation course at Berkeley, in which I am learning 3D modeling and animation in Maya. I feel it is actually geared a little more towards understanding the pipeline for movie development (“Frozen” like stuff), but much of the pipeline is the same for game development (modeling, rigging, UV mapping/texturing, animation, to name of few parts). However, I want to discuss one specific aspect of the pipeline that I feel sometimes gets overlooked in the game dev world, especially when on an indie budget—character design.

     A few weeks ago I went to a character design seminar the class set up to learn more about how professional artists create characters for Disney and other film studios, and how I can apply these concepts to my own characters (specifically, for the short our class is required to make). I want to share what I learned with you as well as examine other character designs, so you can learn how to create a character that burns its own image into the minds of your players.

     Keep in mind that what I know

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