How We Set this Blog Up

     Merry Christmas everyone! Today is a day of festivity, so enjoy it! Luckily for all of you, the team has a present to give. As game developers, we realize the importance of marketing yourself, and one great way of doing this is creating a blog, similar to this one. For all those curious about how they can go about starting their own blogs with Ghost, here is a high level explanation of how we did it.

Some Background

     Ghost's goal is to make blogging simpler by bringing blogging back to its roots. It is not a full website development kit of any sort; with it you can create a theme, host a blog, and make and edit posts (so far). Later releases will include the ability to create static pages (such as an "About the Author" page), a dashboard to keep track of metrics, and much more. You can find out what features will be included when by looking at Ghost's Roadmap.

     Ghost also has fairly well maintained documentation, available here.

     With this information in mind, we can split the

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