What is it with all these Game Jams?

     Hoo boy. A little bit more than a month without a post. Well, having an internship has caught up with us, but never fear. We keep the gamedev gears churning during the downtime, and we feel that this topic needed covering since there has been a burst in the number and popularity of game jams. Note that I, Joraaver, speak from my experiences, but if you feel otherwise or have more to add, go ahead and comment.

Without further ado, let's dive right in.

What is a game jam?

     Well, I see three distinguishing characteristics in a game jam.

  1. It is a contest concerning the development of a game, often with prizes for winners.
  2. The time span is relatively short: most game jamsare a weekend up to a week long. However, there are some that last for a month (One Game a Month is a great example, which you should start following at @OneGameAMonth) or even a year. The main idea, though, is that game jams are short.
  3. It is often theme based, either arbitrarily chosen or based on the time the jam starts.


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