Realm Racer Devlog #1: Inspirations and Procedural Generation

     If you've been following our twitter, then you'll know we've been making some progress on our game! If you haven't, well, then you should be following us!

     We've done some concept work, and are pretty satisfied with the direction of the game. It's planned to be mobile game—an endless runner, to be exact. However, what excites me most is that it will all be procedurally generated. The whole game. I'm talking the track, the obstacles, the power-ups—everything (even the environment, if we are really good)! It might be slightly hard, trying to balance the game and give the user a fair chance at making some headway, but the challenge will be fun and, more importantly, a learning experience.

Concept Art and Inspirations

     We drew inspiration from some things that consumed a large part of our childhood: HotWheels!

Concept Art Concept art from player view.

     To be more specific, Hot Wheels World Race, Hot Wheels AcceleRacers, and Hot Wheels Velocity X. The first two are movies (well, we own the game for the first one as well, but the the movie

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