Postmortem Time!

Note: For anyone new to this blog, this is a postmortem of our first indie title, The Sharpest Blade. It is a puzzle-platformer game; you can read about the release here.

     We've given our game, The Sharpest Blade, some time to frolic in the fields, but we believe that now is a good time for a postmortem. Well, I realize a little more might be appended to the game, so it isn't technically “finished,” but I think a postmortem is called for anyway. Especially for all of you looking to really see what happened during development.


     First, I'd like to provide a few statistics. There have been 102 downloads of the game, with 39 coming from GameJolt, 50 coming from IndieDB, and 13 coming from Itch. Here are the distributions of each platform, by day:


GameJolt stats

IndieDB IndieDB stats

Itch Itch stats

     Each platform had the most downloads on the day of our release; hopefully some of those had to do with the blog post we made on release day. Over time, of course, the downloads declined. There is nothing too special about that. Now, however, we must

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