Meet the Authors

Suchaaver Chahal

     Resident artist and additional programmer of the team.

     Suchaaver currently studies Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley.

      He dabbles in many disciplines, notably 2D and 3D art, signal processing, medicine, and fitness (especially gymnastic strength).

Joraaver Chahal

     Main programmer on the team.

     Joraaver studies Computer Science and Electical Engineering at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles).

     In his free time, Joraaver likes to do some data analysis, fiddle with his arduino and raspberry pi, play soccer, spend time training, and, of course, get in a healthy dose of video games.

Suchaaver Chahal

I'm a game developer, web developer, and (currently) a student studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley.

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