Diving Deeper

In accordance with the title metaphors, I believe it is high time for a game update! Well, it is actually more than an update, given how little information we gave you in our previous post, Wading In.

Let us begin with perhaps the most important part of the game—its name.

The Sharpest Blade

The knight in shining armor must rescue the fair princess, taken by none other than a black magic wielding sorcerer. Typical. But how does a knight who has been stripped of his sword fight? That's the focus of the game here. True to its genre, expect to be thoroughly puzzled upon entering the levels. Most of the time, all you will get is the entry point, the portal to escape, and the name the sorcerer has aptly provided for the altered space you are in. It is up to you to connect the dots and make your way. It's not death you will be, or should be, scared of. Rather, it is being stuck in the void for all of eternity. Good luck.

That hopefully painted a fairly accurate picture of what has been in development for the past week or so. In case it hasn't, take a look at a live demonstration of what you could be faced with:

The Sharpest Blade -- Basic Gameplay from Elrel Studios on Vimeo.

Joraaver has provided an in-depth look at the code behind much of the level design, and thanks to that, we can discuss prettier subjects—art and music! Since we are on the subject of art, I don't think I should burden you with words. Art is meant to be looked at, not talked about! Thus, I give you two spaces you might travel through. Their interpretation is up to you. GAME PICTURE TUNNEL GAME PICTURE JUNGLE Music abides by a similar principle. Here's a score you should expect to hear in-game, made by our music designer, Amarinder.

With any luck, you got the feel of a puzzle game with a hint of action, surrounded by a medieval theme.

Getting this far has not been without its hassles, especially since this is the team's first game together. However, I think those nitty gritty details should be saved for another post, perhaps after the game's release. Look forward to more in the coming days, and have a Happy New Year!


Suchaaver Chahal

I'm a game developer, web developer, and (currently) a student studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley.

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