Game Jams

This a new page, which will feature all the games from game jams we participate in, whether or not the games are playable and/or pretty. We just want to showcase what we've done, and be as transparent as possible.


This was the Public Domain Game Jam, the first ever game jam I participated in. It was rough for me; I tried using 3D.js and may have scoped my project a little too large. I'm not I'd really call it a game, and I'm sure it falls victim to some kind of rotation lock while playing. But I have to be transparent, so here it is:

Berkeley Game Jam

This was a random 24 hour game jam hosted at Berkeley, in which me, a friend, and my little brother made this color puzzle game. You move around with the arrow keys and mix your color with bystanders' colors, in order to try and match the guard's colors. It isn't complete user wise (lack of obvious restart, etc.) but it does have a fully feautred level editor which allows me to make as many puzzles as I want!


Berkeley ACM Siggraph Game Jam #1

I recently joined the games group from Berkeley's ACM Siggraph Chapter, and they hosted their first Game Jam Week. The theme was "high stakes," and the whole thing was very laid back. That was nice, because I had 2 midterms that week and couldn't really start until Friday night (presentation was the following Sunday). So, I made this game--a kinda of 3D physics infinite runner, in which the greater the risk you take, the more your reward.


Suchaaver Chahal

I'm a game developer, web developer, and (currently) a student studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley.

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