Going to IndieCade !

     I'm very excited to inform you about two very special events.

     First, you'll notice that I'm my own author! The Ghost blogging platform came out with an update for multiple author support, so now I can put that to good use!

     Second, as the title suggests, I am going to IndieCade 2014! As a UCLA student and a game developer, I could not miss out on the opportunity to volunteer at IndieCade, which is taking place in Culver City, California (about an hour by bus from UCLA). It should be quite the learning experience, and I hope to see a bunch of my fellow developers out there. If any of you still want tickets, here is a discount code:

     I'll post reviews of how the festival went after IndieCade, but you can definitely follow any action during the festival at our twitter, @Elrel_Studios (same as at the bottom of our blog).

     I'll be working the Game Tables in the morning and then the FireStation in the evening on Saturday, and the FireStation again Sunday morning (October 11th and 12th). I hope to see some of you there! Plus, expect to see a full writeup after the festival!


Joraaver Chahal

I'm currently an undergraduate at UCLA studying Computer Science and Engineering, but I take part in a myriad of other activities, like game development, soccer, and robotics, that keep me busy.

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